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“Life is not worth living unless there is a camera around.” —Carmen Electra
Ok, so maybe Carmen Electra isn’t the best role model, but she knows how to have fun and she has made a point.

Why do it if there won’t be a photo to prove it?
The dress, the flowers, the tux, the catering, the cake the details, all fading memories unless we create some sort of item, an heirloom album, a wedding dvd, to relive this day anytime you and your friends and family sit down to reminisce.
My advice to you—get the photographer of your dreams first. Check with 5 photographers. Choose your favorite style, personality, and budget, then schedule the cake and all the other details. Don’t blow off documenting your wedding day. With the right photographer all your hard work is documented and can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends for years to come. album Most couples have so much to think about for their wedding day that they put photography on the back burner. They think, as long as I have a disk in a drawer, I know that I have wedding photographs forever. I disagree. I think a bride and groom want to see their wedding everyday, at least at first. Then, after the newness wears off they want easy access to the memories of that great day, like a book on a table. A disk can be in a drawer or a box, or a safety deposit box, for storage and safe keeping, but there is no way to see the photographs conveniently. I want to design an album within your budget, so your wedding and my images are displayed for everyone to see. I have a box with my wedding negatives and proofs that I thought I would make a book out of one day. 14 years later, I am still getting around to it. Let’s finish your wedding. 
I love it when a bride & groom are willling to get dressed up before the wedding and create images of their marriage in unique settings. Get your hair and makeup done and put on the tux a month before and practice getting your picture taken. We can head to the mountains or pose in the city or hang out in the mall. Whatever suits your personalities. Even on the wedding day, before the ceremony is more relaxing than after the ceremony. Try and plan for the photos so they are as pleasant as possible. Your wedding day should be enjoyed, not rushed.
•don’t worry about time or the line It is your day. Have fun & your guests will too! They don’t mind waiting and watching while we photograph you in all your wedding glory. Photos last forever and the guest can eat rolls and chew ice for a few extra minutes. Plan at least an hour after the ceremony for group and couple shots. Most couples are more comfortable without a crowd, so plan some private time with just me and you. If there are special requests, family from out of town, just let me know and I will photograph anything you can think of. I want you to love your photos and show the fun and love of the day. •practice walking down the aisle All of us have seen weddings, but how many have gotten dressed up and tried it? Practice in shorts & t-shirts then when you are ready for the real deal, walk really slow & and leave gaps in the procession. •rain is not bad As long as we use lots of umbrellas and keep the bride’s hair dry, the photos will be exotic and full of vibrant color. It’s great to have unique wedding photos! • eat breakfast I carry crackers, water and mints just in case. Brides have fainted from humger and nerves during the photos after the ceremony. Your dress will fit perfectly, no matter what, so EAT!
Once you know whoyou are going too marry, get that ball rolling; the planning must start. Scheduling the venue is a good starting place. Temples and reception halls book up fast during the peak season, (April through October. Holiday breaks and college graduation weeks are extremely popular. (December, April and August.) That means all vendors are busy at the same times of year. Schedule your photographer, cake, caterer, and disk jockey as soon as you have the venures booked. Picking a dress involves chosing your style, and deciding on a budget, seamstress or designer. If your tastes are for a custom gown, then get that started right away. Bridal stores don’t take as much time. Choosing a photographer can start by asking your friends who are already married. Did the photographer add joy to the wedding day or hassles? Are the final results worth what she paid for them? Again I think an album is very important. Look at your friends albums and see what style you like. Contact several photographers, all will travel, so don’t worry about location. Pick the style and budget you like then get the contract signed and the deposits paid. Tux rentals, venue decorations, Brides maid dresses and flowers are next. Enjoy your planning time and delegate some of the responsibility. Moms, dads. brothers, sisters and roommates are eagar to help. Be sure and include the groom in all the decisions. Weddings are a big day for the bride AND the groom. e- session An engagement session is always fun! It is so important for the bride and groom to enjoy every minute of their wedding day. Practicing a photo shoot with the photographer, in a casual setting helps us get to know each other and learn the nuances of the couple’s relationship. Monster truck rallys or quiet walks on the beach, each couple has a favorite activity together. Lets document your casual time together, get to know each other and start feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Then on the big day, we will know exactly how to work together to make it fun and beautiful.